Looking for a Unique & Sexy Valentine's Gift for Your Sweetheart?

What if you could give your sweetie a fun, special, and memorable experience that helped you both to:

Feel closer and more connected

Experience increased passion and romance

Unleash your sensuality

Relax and rejuvenate

Have more fun as a couple


Whether you want to inspire romance, share more pleasure, rev up your partner's erotic engine, or just relax...

sensual massage may be just the healthy injection that your relationship is looking for!

The Valentine's Day holiday is really about celebrating the love you have for each other, expressing that love, and enjoying spending some special time together.

So, that is why we created this special Playshop for Couples,
"Secrets of Touch for Intimacy"

In this workshop, we'll share practical new skills to help you to
nourish your love and keep the spark alive!...

Here's what you'll learn and experience:

Techniques and exercises to master the 6 modalities of touch - instantly increase the variety of your touch to spice up your love play

3 ways that a man and a woman's sexual-erotic blueprint is different and how to leverage those differences to truly satisfy your partner

How to give her the foot massage of her dreams (begin your seduction with the 3 sexual reflex zones on her feet - do you know where they are?)

5 sets of secret arousal points for men to increase his erotic pleasure

3 quick and easy ways to drop into deep loving connection--that special place where the magic happens!

During this fun and sexy hands-on playshop with Certified Massage Therapist and Tantra Expert Jan Robinson and her partner, you'll have the chance to practice these techniques with your partner in a safe, loving, clothes-on environment.

Even if you have two left thumbs, you'll discover how quickly and easily you can tap into DEEP, LOVING CONNECTION and ignite PASSIONATE DESIRE through the right kind of touch!

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"Secrets of Touch for Intimacy ~ Valentine's Playshop for Couples "

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~ Option 1 ~

Secrets of Touch for Intimacy
Playshop for Couples

Sunday, February 13, 2011
Oakland, California


$97 per Couple


make it even more special with...

~ Option 2 ~

The Sensual Massage Lover's

Valentine's Package

  • The "Secrets of Touch for Intimacy" Playshop for Couples

~ and ~

  • "Full-Body Bliss: 7 Secrets to Boost Sensual Intimacy with the Man You Love" Complete Workbook/6-CD Set ($147 value)
  • A Private Integration Session with Jan following the event (for just you and your sweetie) ($150 value)


~ Only $197! ~




Wishing you Abundant Love & Fulfillment,

Jan & Luke


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